A Professional NFT Market

The first NFT decentralized trading platform build on an independent public chain

Own blockchain design

Solve transaction costs and transaction efficiency

Low cost

Low development cost Based on the substrate framework


The system is safe and reliable Can be upgraded without forks


The coordination between the public chain layer and the business layer can make it easier to provide services


Access to Polkadot's cross-chain ecology Integrate NFT assets across the network

Key category support

Improve high-quality supply of assetsThe first phase focuses on the following 3 industries

Japanese and Korean culture IP

Fashion collection

Digital art

Road map

2021.6 Business cooperation began to take off


2021.6 Testnet online

The test network is deployed Web interactive interface completed Business cooperation started

2021.8 Mainnet online

The main network is deployed OpenApi complete Community operation officially launched


2021.12 Cross-chain service1.0

Integrate Polkadot cross-chain services

2022 Offline extension

Physical assets on the chainDigital asset chain exhibition Industry Cooperation